Samsung Galaxy & Note Liquid Damage Repairs

Samsung Galaxy & Note Liquid Damage Repairs Oh no! You just dropped your phone into a mysterious liquid and you don’t know what to do now. First, do not try to power your phone on and bring it to one of the professionals at Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair NYC. We are here to help you and will solve all of your liquid damage problems in no time. We know that accidents happen and when they do, you will find yourself in a panic and unsure of where to turn. Fortunately, our experts know how to handle liquid damage in NYC.

Liquid that enters your phone can lead to serious issues with the phone itself from the inside circuitry down to the screen and the charging port. If you have a Galaxy or Note that has liquid damage, do bring the device to our skilled experts today. We offer Galaxy and Note liquid damage repairs for a great deal.

Devices With Liquid Damage We Repair in NYC

When it comes to mobile devices, we can fix your newer model Samsung Galaxy or Note without an issue. Our experts are trained in the following phone types:

  • S6
  • S6 Plus
  • S6 Edge
  • Note 5
  • Note 8
  • S8
  • S8 Plus
  • S7
  • S7 Edge

Affordable Liquid Damage Services in NYC

Liquid does not have to be your worst enemy, after all, we need it to survive, but it can be your phone’s worst enemy. Whether the liquid is sticky, viscous, or simply plentiful and all over the place, you will find that once your phone is dropped into the liquid, it stops working or experiences problems. You may notice that it will not charge or the screen flickers rapidly. These are signs that there is a problem inside of the phone and you need to bring it into our experts immediately.

Once of the most worrisome things about liquid damage to a phone is that if the liquid is not completely removed and parts repaired, then the liquid can remain in the phone and slowly cause rust, corrosion, and internal problems over time.

When you work with our team of skilled technicians, you have nothing to worry about. We are thorough, and we will remove all reminisce of the liquid from your phone and repair any and all areas that need it. If for some reason your phone cannot be repaired, we offer data recovery services in NYC.

Let Us Handle the Liquid

No matter what type of liquid your phone was exposed to, all you need to do is remove the phone from that liquid and bring it to us – we will handle the rest. Feel free to stop by our shop or call Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair NYC today.


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